Gendered Inequalities: Development and Globalisation (2017/18)

Course Description: 

This course takes a broad approach to international development and global inequalities through the lens of feminist and gender theory, and within the context of globalising neoliberalism. It investigates the theory and approach of international development as well as its policy and institutions. The course considers how different groups of both women and men are positioned and impacted within global politics and the relations of power that underpin complex experiences, and how gender is both produced by and productive of these. In doing so, it pays attention to broader contexts of globalisation and globalising neoliberalism, drawing on IR and political economy frameworks of analysis. We will therefore engage with debates on the gendered nature of equity and representation within global politics 

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Understand concepts and issues associated with economic development and globalisation
  2. Analyse the impacts and experiences of international development and processes of globalisation on different groups of both men and women
  3. Understand complex gendered and other relations of power that structure global inequalities
  4. Understand and explain different theoretical perspectives on gender, development, globalisation and inequalities
  5. Understand and critically examine gendered inequalities as embedded within and an outcome of processes of development and globalisation