The Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology offers innovative MA and PhD programs that integrate both disciplines while accommodating a diversity of theoretical perspectives. Our combination of Sociology and Social Anthropology leads to insightful and groundbreaking research, presenting multi-scalar and critical perspectives on current social issues. We are committed to both academic excellence and socially conscious scholarship. Our areas of research and teaching include migration studies, postcolonialism, urbanism, political and economic sociology, sociology of culture, development, network analysis, anthropology of religion, visual anthropology, and sociology of gender and sexuality.

We welcome visitors during our Fall and Winter semesters through various programs, such as ERASMUS mobilities, Doctoral Support Program, or Marie Curie Mobility. 

If you have questions contact the Department Coordinator, Annamaria Preisz (preisza@ceu.edu) or Ildiko Chikan (chikani@ceu.edu) in room 402. For academic issues concerning the MA Programs, the MA director is Alexandra Kowalski (kowalskia@ceu.edu).



Friday July 20

Thursday June 14

Dorit Geva, Suki Ali, Nazneen Shifa, Artem Kachurin, Joyashree Sama, Alexandra Kowalski, Rong A, Birgen Gokmenoglu, Karlo Kralj, Demet Bolat, Carmen Leidereiter, Marina Mironica, Victoria Mellett, Omar Dewachi, Yonatan Levi, Gjovalin Macaj, Alexandra Dodita, Prem Kumar Rajaram, Randa Wahbe, Ricardo Andres Labra Mocarquer, Christopher Richard Hanson , Anna Sofie Starup Andersen, Ju Li
12:00pm to 6:00pm

Tuesday May 22