New Publication by Kristóf Szombati

July 4, 2018

THE REVOLT OF THE PROVINCES: Anti-Gypsyism and Right-Wing Politics in Hungary, by Kristóf Szombati. This is Volume 23 in Dislocations.

More about this book:

The first in-depth ethnographic monograph on the New Right in Central and Eastern Europe, The Revolt of the Provinces explores the making of right-wing hegemony in Hungary over the last decade. It explains the spread of racist sensibilities in depressed rural areas, shows how activists, intellectuals and politicians took advantage of popular racism to empower right-wing agendas and examines the new ruling party's success in stabilizing an 'illiberal regime'. To illuminate these important dynamics, the author proposes an innovative multi-scalar and relational framework, focusing on interaction between social antagonisms emerging on the local level and struggles waged within the political public sphere.

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