DEADLINE EXTENDED - Additional position in the 2019/20 PhD program under the Social Mind Area-Scholarships for interdisciplinary doctoral studies (SMASH PRO)

January 18, 2019
We invite applications for one fully funded interdisciplinary Joint PhD Fellowship in Sociology and Social Anthropology starting in the 2019/2020 academic year as part of the Social Mind Area Scholarships on Prosociality and Trust (SMASH PRO) funded by CEU’s Intellectual Themes Initiative

About the program: The CEU Joint PhD Fellowship Scheme entails co-supervision by faculty members from the Department of Cognitive Science and Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, who are engaged in ongoing research in the designated thematic area. One Fellow will pursue a PhD in Cognitive Science and the other one a PhD in Sociology and Social Anthropology. The PhD students will follow a curriculum that includes courses from both departments being geared towards their acquiring cross-disciplinary training and expertise.

Details about the Thematic Area: 

Prosociality and trust have been characterized across the disciplines as essential elements in the constitution of human society and culture. On its part, social anthropology has documented extensively the many forms prosocial practices—practices that are beneficial to others and costly to the self—take across cultures and the social conditions in which people trust others to act prosocially. In turn, cognitive psychology and behavioral economics have developed theories about the stable preferences, the desires and motivations that lead people to make prosocial choices and to trust others. While studies about prosociality and trust are thriving, they remain to a large extent constrained within the bounds of academic disciplines.We seek candidates who are willing to undertake research on morality, trust and cooperation in an interdisciplinary framework (see details in the call). 
Interested candidates are invited to apply to the PhD in Sociology and Social Anthropology program clearly indicating in the application materials that they are applying for the Joint PhD Fellowship Social Mind Area Scholarships on Prosociality and Trust (SMASH PRO). 

 For more information on the thematic area, contact the faculty members Vlad Naumescu (Sociology and Social Anthropology) ;  Christophe Heintz (Cognitive Science)