Research Groups

April 25, 2019

Research on Culture, Politics, and Society (RCPS)

The group focuses on the forms, causes, and effects of cultural production in modern and contemporary society. Participants are researchers and advanced doctoral students working on issues of knowledge, art, media, and politics in various parts of the world, interested in expanding their theoretical and disciplinary horizons. The group is hosted by and managed from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology but it is interdisciplinary in scope, and its participants are interested in exploring intersections of global history, sociology, anthropology, political economy, political theory, policy studies, and social theory, as they apply specifically to the study of culture. In the Spring 2019, we read or re-read classics in global history and world systems analysis, with the aim of understanding what a macro-historical approach brings to the general understanding of the culture-politics-economy nexus. The reading group will continue in Fall 2019 in Budapest and Vienna, and in Winter-Spring 2020 in Budapest, with additional dates devoted to the presentation of papers in progress. Contact: