Publication of Daniel Monterescu's new book

June 1, 2018

The city of Jaffa presents a paradox: intimate neighbors who are political foes. The official Jewish national tale proceeds from exile to redemption and nation-building, while the Palestinians' is one of a golden age cut short, followed by dispossession and resistance. The experiences of Jaffa's Jewish and Arab residents, however, reveal lives and nationalist sentiments far more complex.

Prof. G.M.Tamás's essay in Global Dialogue

April 9, 2018

'Marx & Sociology, 2018', Global Dialogue. The essay will be available in several other languages in May.

Hungarian Accreditation Renewed; CEU Ranks in QS Top 100 in 5 Subjects

March 1, 2018

Central European University is pleased to announce that the university’s Hungarian legal entity (Kozep-europai Egyetem) was reaccredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Committee (MAB) following a review, which takes place every five years.

Martha Lampland and Anna Szemere to join the department in Winter 2017/18

February 23, 2018

Martha Lampland (UC San Diego) and Anna Szemere (ELTE) will be joining our faculty as visitors throught the winter semester 2017/2018.

Victoria Fomina on sainthood and heroism in journal History and Anthropology

February 22, 2018

New paper was published by PhD student, Victoria Fomina titled "Between heroism and sainthood: New martyr Evgenii Rodionov as a moral model in contemporary Russia"