André Thiemann

Visiting Professor

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Zrinyi u. 14

Andre is a political and economic anthropologist working on contemporary Europe with a long-standing interest in West Africa. After he defended his dissertation, State Relations: Local State and Social Security in Central Serbia with highest honours (summa cum laude), Andre was a research fellow in the ZIF Research Group ‘Kinship and Politics: Rethinking a Conceptual Split and its Epistemological Implications in the Social Sciences’, at Bielefeld University. Subsequently, he was a Junior Core Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at CEU Budapest, before joining the CEU Dept. for Sociology and Social Anthropology.

In his thesis, Andre defines local state relations as the unbounded, but grounded, concrete, and complex network of relations from the sub-local to the transnational scales of the state, as they intersect in a locality under scrutiny. Everyday practices related to welfare, care, social security, and  infrastructures comprise matters of concern for state actors and citizens, and constitute principal drains on state resources. Infrastructure work signifies material promises, hopes for the future, and the (dis)trust people have of the state. Welfare and care embody the dialectics of inclusion and exclusion, belonging, and shifting solidarities. Andre has has published in Social Analysis, Contemporary Southeastern Europe, the Bulletin of the Ethnographic Institute SASA, and in several edited volumes. His post-doctoral research project examines the global value chain of raspberries.

Office hours in the winter semester are Fridays, 1pm - 3pm.


2016 PhD in Social Anthropology, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
2009 M.A. in Social Anthropology, with minors in Sociology and History, Free University Berlin, Germany