Carlos D. Lozano W.

Year of Enrollment: 

My current interests circulate between Sociology of Knowledge, Sociology of Intellectuals, Intellectual History, History of the Social Sciences, History of Universities.

I am currently working on my PhD thesis: "The Nostalgic Tradition in Academia: Construction of a Modern Idea of University in Britain (c. 1850-1900)."

The object is to reconstruct the different trends and peculiarities of a nostalgic language that became a central and inseparable part of the humanities and the emerging social sciences in the second half of the nineteenth century, and try to assess the influence that this language had in shaping our modern idea of university. Of particular importance are the debates and dialogues – sometimes amiable, others acrimonious – between “nostalgics” and “utilitarians” when discussing university reform, that is, when academic life and politics are closest to each other.

The thesis deals primordially with the past, but there is hope in that it will throw some light into the present, too. Contemporary debates on neoliberal reforms in higher education could be reinterpreted, from the perspective of this research, as the last expressions of a much longer and perhaps more substantial debate on the social and political role of universities, scholars, and students.


Master of Arts in Political Science. The New School for Social Research at The New School University, New York, NY.
Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. El Colegio de México, Mexico City.