Salome Schaerer

Year of Enrollment: 

 The focus of my academic work is on the relations between different migration solidarity projects along the Balkan Route from Greece to Germany and their relations to the European Union as a political, social and economic project and projection. One specific concern is how decisions and actions are legitimized relationally, perspectively, and differentially on political, ethical and material grounds between local and international groups of actors. How does being 'here' or 'there' and being from 'here' or from 'there' change activist's understanding of their own role as members of a project or a movement? How do national forms of belonging inform the imagination of transnational futures within the present of an unequal distribution of power within the EU? The focus of my work as an activist lies in carving out spaces for the articulation of the growing discrimination, dehumanization and marginalization of parts of socities on the basis of racist, xenopohobic, gendered, classed, and sexist ascriptions and draw attention to the experice of violence and pain such experiences entail.


2016- PhD in Social Anthropology and Sociology at CEU, Budapest
2014-2016 MA in Social Anthropology and Sociology at CEU, Budapest
2008-2012 BA in Social Anthropology and Philosophy at University of Zurich