Balazs Vedres


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Vienna, Quellenstrasse 51

Joint appointment with Department of Network and Data Science

Vedres' research furthers the agenda of developing data science and network science with social theoretical insight.  His research results were published in the top journals of data science, network science, and sociology, with two recent articles in the American Journal of Sociology developing the pragmatist notion of structural folds: creative tensions in intersecting yet cognitively diverse cohesive communities.  Vedres' recent research follows entrepreneurs, video game developers, jazz musicians, programmers, and graphic designers as they weave collaborative networks through their projects and recording sessions, analyzing questions of the sources of creativity, gender inequality, and the historical sustainability of innovation systems. In another line of work, Vedres has analyzed historical network evolution in the areas of transnational civic activism, politicized business groups, and the evolution of global economic flows. In his ongoing reserch Balazs Vedres is analyzing the impact of launching a bot on Wikipedia on the strength and survival of human collaborations for bot owners. 

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PhD, Sociology, Columbia University
MA, Economics, Corvinus University

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