WELCOME to the new Academic Year!

The department is looking forward to welcoming new and returning students in September to start another academic year.

The opening session with the Department Coordinator, Annamaria Preisz is scheduled from 10.00 on the 4th of September in room 412 (building Zrinyi 14.) See full program for the pre-session week here.

On the 11th of September academic issues will be discussed from 11.00in room 311 (building Zrinyi 14.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Department Coordinator, Annamaria Preisz (preisza@ceu.edu) or Ildiko Chikan (chikani@ceu.edu) in room 402 and for academic issues, the MA director Alexandra Kowalski at kowalskia@ceu.edu.



Monday September 18

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