Professor G.M. Tamás, Gazsi, passed away on January 15, 2023. He was with us from the very beginning, 2003-2004. Trained as a philosopher, he taught his "Class on Class", and later Critical Theory, to generations of students at the department. We'll remember his watchful gaze, uncompromising intellect, theoretical and linguistic precision and wit, which he applied in his teaching just as much as in his analytically sharp and compassionate writings on contemporary society. The cold brutality of the world remains, but we, especially, we Hungarians, Romanians, and other CEU citizens have lost one of its most brilliant interpreters and critics. We only stutter without him. (JB)


The Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology offers innovative MA and PhD programs, including a specialization in Global and Urban Studies. Our conscious integration of the discipline of Sociology and Social Anthropology offers training to pursue groundbreaking research on current social issues through multi-scalar analysis from a critical perspective. We are committed to both academic excellence and socially conscious scholarship.


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