Lucie Naudé

Year of Enrollment: 

Lucie Naudé (she/her) is conducting an ethnography of transnational feminist solidarities among non-governmental organizations in the power-laden setting of international aid transfers. She studies the connections between Colombian feminist NGOs and the European partner organizations that support and fund them. She has conducted previous research on the feminist and decolonial critiques to development theories and practices. Her research interests include feminist solidarity; the NGOization and institutionalization of feminism; the politics of non-governmental organizations; transnational sociology; and feminist qualitative methods.

She is currently undertaking fieldwork in Colombia with feminist organizations and is a visiting fellow at the School of Gender Studies of the National University of Colombia.

Lucie joined the doctoral program in Sociology and Social Anthropology at CEU in September 2019. She holds a master’s degree in International Studies and Latin American studies and a bachelor in social sciences from Sciences Po Grenoble (France). Her mother tongue is French, she speaks English and Spanish and has basic knowledge in Catalan, Portuguese and German.


Master's degree in International and Latin American Studies, Sciences Po Grenoble, France (2019)
BA in Social Sciences, Sciences Grenoble, France (2017)